Poker for Newcomers

Poker is one of the older casino games and is popular the world over. Over time there have been many different types of Poker developed, and many strategies have been created in order to win at it. Some of these are outlined below.

A Poker History

It is believed that Poker originated in the early 19th century. The modern version of it was first played in America. It was believed to have developed from a Persian game called As-Nas. However by the 1990s there were theories that it had in fact evolved from a French game called Poque. Even more recently though, the background of Poker is still up for debate as the origins thus far have been based on the game play rather than on what is particular to Poker, the gambling. There are no records of any older game with gambling attached, so in this case modern Poker is unique.

In the latter half of the 20th century, poker experienced a boom. Poker Tournaments were developed and larger gatherings of people started to convene in order to play this game at a much more social level. With the arrival of online Poker early in the 21st century, the game has seen a second spike in popularity. Now there are online communities willing to share tips and advice on how to play and where to play, it’s a good idea to join one if you’re planning to become a serious player.

A few strategies

The most common belief around a good strategy for poker is the ability to bluff. This is the ability of a player to be able to feign one thing while actually doing something else, i.e., having good cards when they don’t. There are so many different ways to play poker and many different strategies, that it can fill a book, so only a few basics will be laid out here. It is theorized that players should play as if they can see their opponent’s cards. And every time a player can force their opposition to play their cards in a different manner to the way they normally would, that player has the advantage.