Poker – The Do’s and Don’ts

One of the best known and popular of casino games, Poker has been around for years. Forever a favourite of casino goers and something many newcomers love to try out, but know little about, poker can be a hard game to master. In the following article there are some hints and tips for those that would like to venture into the poker world but maybe don’t quite know how to do so.

The Do’s

Firstly, if you’re playing online then shop around to find rewards and bonuses that can be won depending on which poker game you decide to play.

One of the most important rules is also the simplest one – play when it is your turn. Playing out of turn will instantly draw attention that the player is new and will also irritate the older veteran players. It is also recommended that new players pay attention to the time. Players may take time when making a decision but shouldn’t take overly long when coming to a final decision as this again will give away the fact that the player is new.

Simply playing only a good hand is a clear starting point. Playing all hands will only lose a player money. Lastly, players should try to be emotionless. Emotions give away clues to more experienced players and can become a tell which can be detrimental to winning.

The Don’ts

A few of the don’ts are simple. Players should not play with their chips or generally fidget whilst waiting their turn. This will again indicate to other players the novice level that the fidgeting player is at. In addition to this, talk should be kept at a minimum when seated at the table. As mentioned before, players should not play random hands or show their cards too early in the game. Keeping a cool head is also essential.

Try to be as cool as the bots that are beating the odds. Loss of focus can lose the game. Lastly, contrary to many novices belief, players should not bluff all the time. This does not make the player an experienced one.

Following these simple rules will have new poker players raise the odds of winning somewhat significantly.